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Why India Has one of the Lowest ratios of Covid-19 cases per capita in the world?

Published on 12 Apr 2020 / In Extinction of Humanity

It's easy to just look at the surface and only see problems. But that attitude doesn't help. That attitude doesn't see the good efforts that we can all learn from. That's why I wanted to show the other side.

Thank you to EVERYONE who's a part of this video. I went through a massive amount of videos and emails from you. I made sure to not be biased.

It's definitely true that there are not enough tests being done in the whole country. It's also true that some people don't take this virus seriously enough, and that unfortunately some people are starving. But all of this can't take away from the incredibly impressive efforts in slowing down the spread. So many people came together to fight Covid-19 and it definitely contributed to the relatively small amount of cases.

Let's stay together, stay alert and be smart.

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