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Scientists Discovered That Earth Will be Wiped Out by the Sun

Published on 30 May 2020 / In Science & Technology

Scientists have found out that all life on Earth is going to be wiped out by the Sun — and pretty soon. The Sun has an incredibly big influence on everything on Earth, and it isn’t limited to just light and warmth. Did you know, for example, that even a 5% increase in the size of our star would make our planet way different from what we have now? There’s no telling how exactly the Earth would look, but it would definitely not be the planet we know. What we wouldn’t be able to witness already is a 10% expansion of the sun.

Why the Sun still hasn’t burnt us all down 0:47
Why the Sun grows bigger 1:57
No sun means no clouds 3:04
What if the Sun expanded by several percent 4:18
Can Mars turn into Earth-2? 5:36
When the Sun will be no more 6:10
When will the Sun wipe out our entire planet? 7:02
What's so dangerous about the Sun’s behavior right now? 7:49

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- What do we know about the Sun? It’s basically a huge generator: it gives us light, warmth, and even an endless supply of safe energy, which we’re currently mastering.
- You see, as stars go, our Sun is quite young: it’s only 4.6 billion years old, and it’s now in the phase when it’s most stable.
- But like any other star, the Sun is constantly changing. The energy it gives off results from burning, and that can’t be safe by any accounts.
- The energy the Sun gives to our planet heats the surface and the atmosphere alike, and it drives the weather all across the globe. As weird as it sounds, there would simply be no rain without the sun.
- As the sun heats the surface of Earth, it starts all sorts of processes on and beneath it. It may sound crazy, but even volcano eruptions and earthquakes are the result of the sun’s activity — at least in part.
- Even a 5% increase in the size of our star would make our planet way different from what we have now. Its surface would get much hotter, water would evaporate in much more copious amounts, and the climate would change drastically.
- What we wouldn’t be able to witness already is a 10% expansion of the sun. As you might’ve guessed, the habitable zone would move again, and this time the Earth would be pushed out of it.
- The good news is that for some time, at this point, Mars would enter the habitable zone instead, so if humankind eventually finds a way to colonize the red planet, it will be able to escape the sad fate of its home world.
- On the other hand, if the growth of greenhouse gases produced by humans continues, we might face a global change of climate.
- Climate change won’t come peacefully: it will trigger lots and lots of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

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