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How I Survived Unicycling the World's Loneliest Road

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Published on 26 Oct 2020 / In Travel & Events

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There’s a lot of video footage from my round the world unicycle ride that for whatever reason I never got around to editing and releasing. Most of this stuff was from 'YEAR 1' of the trip, when my editing skills were still pretty sketchy and I didn’t take the production of these videos as seriously. As a result, this footage was just left stored and untouched on hard drives never to see the light of day. That is until now!
Please enjoy this one-off video from my time cycling an extremely remote road in Kazakhstan.

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✎ ‘Cartoon Ed’ Illustration by Louise Saunders
Great Music Library for YouTube Vids (Get 2 extra months if you sign up with my link):
‘Marakana’ by Alon Peretz
‘Nylon’ by Leroy Wild
’17 Miles’ by Leroy Wild
‘Monomer’ by Leroy Wild
‘Peptide’ by Leroy Wild
‘Natasha’ by Ben Winwood
I'm currently in search of new music for future videos. If you're a musician and would like to hear your tracks in my upcoming series', please email me: musicfored@yahoo.com
(tracks attached to email preferred)
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