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DIY Witch House Using Cardboard

Tutorial & DIY
Published on 29 May 2020 / In Tutorial & DIY

I made witch house recycling some cardboard from some boxes I had laying around. I only bought the colors, the hot glue and a little piece of craft foam that I used for the hinges. It took me about five days to finish.
I started by drawing and cutting the cardboard walls of the house. Then I made the cardboard roof and another smaller roof over the entrance. I added some basic elements like the chimney, the windows and the door. When the basic shape was finished I started adding the smaller details like roof tiles and small wooden boards all over the surface of the house. I tried to place them in a crooked manner to make the witch house look realistically old and messy. I added some bricks to the chimney and also made flooring and and door details using the same kind of cardboard. For the hinges I used a little piece of craft foam I had. I made the textured wood using a ball pen and pressing the wooden pattern deep in the cardboard. I also made some holes in the cardboard for each wooden board so it looks like it has nails. This texture adds such a nice realistic effect and it helps a lot in the next step when adding color and patina. Painting the little door was fun. Remember I told you about the texture? Here's how it works. I cover the surface in a dark color first. Then I add a very bright color or even white, but only to the surface of the texture, so I get a nice contrast. On top of that bright color you can add other colors as well. I made the door red and the roof green but you can play around with any color combination you like. I hope you liked my video and got some inspiration to start your own projects. Have fun!
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Tools & Materials:
Acrylic paint - http://amzn.to/2s8KaIZ
Hot glue gun - http://amzn.to/2sO7EkF
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Music: "Fresh Fallen Snow" by Chris Haugen
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